Menage Construction

Our aim at Plant Hire Now is to offer the premier service in menage construction. All of our menages are constructed to the specific needs of our customers. Our menage construction services have been used to build outdoor arenas and for international sized competition horse arenas.

Our menage construction service can be employed for…

  • Livery yards.
  • Personal use.
  • Professional menages for competition.
  • Show jumping venues.

Menage construction is a specialist service. A service that has many factors. Plant Hire Now can project manage from the beginning to the end of your menage construction project. From design, through to completion, all stages of the build are carried out by ourselves.

Our menage constructions are built with machine control systems. This means we can accurately layer and then level the required materials to precise requirements.

Excavation and levelling.

When excavating and levelling the land for menage construction, it is important that it will be high enough to be drain-able. There should also be sufficient fall on pipe work to ensure that water can be carried to a nearby drain channel.

It is important that once the site is levelled that the surface is flat. For ground that slopes a system called “cut and fill” is used. Here, we dig out the high bits and then put this onto the lower parts of the site. This levels the height out and ensures the ground is flat.

Menage construction: Drainage.

Drainage ensures that water can be channelled away from the surface as fast as possible. There are several arrangements that can be practical for drainage.

Drains must be the perforated plastic 100mm land drainage type. They need to be laid in a trench roughly twice the depth of the pipe. the pipes are lined with geo-textile membrane. The pipe is laid in the trench, which has been lined with membrane. The trench should be filled with clean pea gravel. Water should be directed into the nearest drainage channel such as a ditch.

Membrane under the surface of the menage.

After the drainage channels have been laid and installed the entire area will be covered in membrane. This will seal the drainage channels and will prevent mixing with the drainage channels or the next layer.

Drainage bed.

This is an extremely important stage of any menage construction project. The drainage bed emulates a reservoir. When water falls in heavy, continuous downpours, the drainage bed allows for rapid dispersal of water away from the surface.


This membrane will be placed on top of the drainage bed. This keeps the surface completely separate from the drainage bed.

Plant Hire Now can also assist you in choosing the right surface for your menage construction. We will assist you every step of the way. Contact us today on 07850 254012 or by clicking here.


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Used this company for digging out my garden can not say more than absolutely top service exceptional as a matter of fact!!! Would recommend to anyone around also cheaper than any quote I got online!!! Will definitely use again